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Key Policy

Ken Snapp strongly supports Senate Bill 961 (Geiss) which would allow workers to earn one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, limited to 40 hours per year, with excess earned leave time to be used as unpaid sick time. The earned sick leave can be used for personal, mental or physical illness, or to care for a child or another family member — whether biologically related or someone whose relationship is equivalent to that of a familial relationship. 

He finds it almost inhumane, that in the year 2021, we have to fight for this issue. COVID-19 is claiming one death every 33 seconds. 

December 2020 was the deadliest month yet of this pandemic, with 77,572 lives lost and experts say the worst has yet to come. 

Ken is also thinking about the mother or father that has to stay home because a sick child. Parents should not have to choose between work and taking care of a sick child. 

He's thinking about the folks that have to care of the elderly or handicapped, and the people burning out in order to just barely make due.

We know that things happen in life that are unpredictable, and Ken wants to fight for you and the rest of Michigan. So, join the fight, and Snapp into action!


The Stakes are Too High

Officials estimate that there are over 22,000 vacant homes in the City of Detroit. Many of the remaining vacant homes are in neighborhoods occupied by hard working families. These residents continue to be excluded from investments that are seen in other areas of the city. The racial and socioeconomic realities in Detroit lingers in front of many Detroiters. We have to lift that burden in ways that will benefit the residents and the neighborhood they reside in.

The residents in District 4 sing a different song. We see blocks in our neighborhoods that have multiple uninhabitable homes. Empty blocks that are breading grounds for crime and potentially hazardous accidents. Oftentimes they are riddled with trash and the land is overtaken by waist-high weeds.

Our children that walk or catch the bus to school are at risk every time they walk pass an abandoned structure. 40 children have gone missing in Michigan since January 1, 2020, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

Ken promises to end the lackluster effort, that has been extended to our District 4 residents for far too long. 

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For a Better Future

In 2017, Ken made history for being the youngest mayoral candidate at the age of 21 years old. After 2017, interacting with the residents of Detroit fueled his passion to create actionable change in the city. Through his “Bridging the Gap” event series, he continued to connect citizens with resources and established personnel throughout Detroit and abroad.

Ken Snapp has worked in the Detroit Public School Community District as an educator for three years, served as a Deputy in the Wayne County Sheriff Office, and sits on multiple Board of Directors for social justice organizations. Snapp continues to be involved with the early development of youth in District 4. He remains the active Varsity Head Basketball Coach for Davis Aerospace H.S. Snapp also coaches three different junior high school basketball teams at Ronald Brown Academy, underpinning his dedication for District 4. He is currently in his eighth year of coaching.

“We must meet the need to generate new leaders, especially in this era of lackluster leadership. There is now a chance for people to believe that there is hope for the future to usher in humble freedom fighters. We together can lift the hands of the oppressor and rise against all odds, changing the systematic blueprint. After seeing the unprecedented collapse and disregard of human life and property in many of Detroit’s forgotten neighborhoods, I want to be the agent for action in District 4.”
– Ken Snapp

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