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Detroit Deserves Transparency

Detroit overtaxed homeowners by at least $600 million after it failed to accurately bring down property values in the years following the Great Recession, according to an investigation by The Detroit News. 

Of 173,000 Detroit homes reviewed, more than 92% were over-assessed between 2010 and 2016, and overtaxed by an average total of $3,800. Nearly 96,000 of those properties were taxed twice as much as they should have been in at least one of those years.  

Ken will hold the City accountable for it's over taxation and will usher in transparency to the citizens of Detroit. The people need to know what our elected officials are doing for them, and most importantly, with them. He knows how it feels to be on a tight budget and vows to always be the voice of reason and logic for the hard working citizens that deserves every penny they earn. 


A Different Approach

The City of Detroit recorded 327 homicides in 2020, compared to 275 the year before. Non-fatal shootings rose to 1,173 from 767 in 2019, while aggravated assaults jumped from fewer than 10,000 to 12,003 last year. 

Our community as a whole, lost many souls to senseless violence. Ken recognizes that African-Americans die from homicide at a much higher rate than any other racial group. The City of Detroit has the nation's largest African American population, what are those in power currently doing to protect the citizens of Detroit? 

Ken advocates that creating laws and policies geared towards fighting crime, do not address the primary issues. Poverty, joblessness, and lack of opportunities, continue to plague the majority of Detroiters inside our neighborhoods. The neglect of providing social justice and social goods aides the socioeconomic downfall of our city. 

Ken has the knowledge and the blueprint that does not condemn its constituents. He wants to uplift not only the residents of District 4, but every single person that lives in Detroit. This is our city, now is the time to Snapp for action!


Ken Understands

Detroit has shut off water service to around 100,000 homes since 2014 for non-payment. Close to 25,000 homes were disconnected in 2019.The right to basic health and sanitation that water shutoffs deprives people of is so basic it should not be taken away. We cannot just let it be taken away.

Ken will work with local water advocacy groups to bring their concerns to the forefront of the conversation and assist residents with gaining and maintaining access to clean and affordable water in order to bring that number down as quickly as possible.

Ken truly believes that no one in Detroit, MI should have to worry about having accessibility to fresh, clean water. Michigan ranks as the number one state with the highest percentage of water area, with 41.5% of its total areastudy. occupied by water according to a 2015 United States Geography study. We know that there is more than enough. We have to stand united to ensure that the water companies know it as well.

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