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Beginning The Humble Legacy of a Eastside Detroiter

Ken Snapp was born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, to Gino and Jennifer Snapp. His father, a Navy veteran, a retired employee of General Motors, and a dedicated UAW member. His mother, an educator in Detroit’s Public Schools and an ordained minister in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Both were hard working parents that instilled the will of strong moral values and the importance of education at an early age. 

Ken is proud to be a graduate of Cass Technical Highschool. During his time there, he became a highly decorated student earning achievements with the historically winning Cass Tech Football team. While pursuing his collegiate athletic career,  Ken became involved with politics after studying political science. He later began an internship in Detroit City Councilman Spivey’s office, which strengthened his resolve due to the lack of equitable representation in the politics in majority black cities. This led to the start of a lifelong commitment to the citizens of Detroit.

 In 2017, Snapp made history for being the youngest mayoral candidate at the age of 21 years old. After 2017, interacting with the residents of Detroit fueled his passion to create actionable change in the city. Through his “Bridging the Gap'' event series, he continued to connect citizens with resources and established personnel throughout Detroit and abroad. He fought against police brutality as he organized and led thousands to march across the Belle Isle Bridge in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. His efforts have been recognized nationally and locally as an up-and-coming leader. Ken Snapp has been lauded in prestigious publications such as The Michigan Chronicle, grouping him with the likes of Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor, City Council Pro Tem, and Schoolboard members. 

Ken Snapp has worked in the Detroit Public School Community District as an educator for three years, served as a Deputy in the Wayne County Sheriff Office, and sits on multiple Board of Directors for social justice organizations. Snapp continues to be involved with the early development of youth in District 4. He remains the active Varsity Head Basketball Coach for Davis Aerospace H.S. Snapp also coaches three different junior high school basketball teams at Ronald Brown Academy, underpinning his dedication for District 4. He is currently in his eighth year of coaching.

When Mr.Snapp isn’t educating, coaching the youth on the eastside, or leading mass peaceful protests, he acts as a political consultant. Ken has managed and worked campaigns at the local, state, and national level in a vast number of elections, oftentime with fellow young fighters combating systemic oppression. Ken also began to travel to a slew of universities across the country, lecturing and encouraging college students to get involved within their local government. As a result of his impact and dedication, Mr. Snapp is a recipient of many awards and honors, as well as three consecutive Spirit of Detroit Awards and Wayne County Commissioners award.

Ken has continuously provided leadership for his community, and has stood firmly when others dropped the ball. It’s time to ensure equitable change across the board for every citizen. It’s time to Snapp into action! 

Meet KEN: Bio
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